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The Black Truffle, also known as Perigord Truffle or by its scientific name, Tuber melanosporum, is an edible gourmet fungus which grows on the roots of hazelnut, oak and other trees.


The relationship between a truffle and its host tree is symbiotic with the tree providing carbohydrate to the growing truffle and the truffle providing micro-nutrients to the tree.

There are many native truffle species associated with the roots of Australian trees which are highly sought after by small mammals such as potoroos and bandicoots. We don't absolutely know but it is difficult to believe these could be as delicious to human taste and olfactory senses as the Black Truffle.

Black Truffle has a complex, intense and earthily pungent aroma. It’s something quite difficult to describe and we recommend that you try it yourself in order to understand and appreciate its unique qualities.


A processing shed full of truffle emits an overpowering aroma but the good news is that relatively small quantities are required to add depth, flavour and aroma to a dish.


We recommend that you allow 10 -15 grams per person per dish.


Black Truffle pairs well with eggs, oil, cream or cheese to release its unique qualities. Heat also allows truffle qualities to shine and truffle is best added at the end of cooking, just before serving, as thin shavings from a mandolin or shaving plane .


Truffle may be refrigerated in a lidded container with eggs so the aroma is imparted to the eggs which can then be used in omelette or other dishes. Rice may be used in the same way.

With truffle, fresh is always best. Use your fresh truffle within two weeks of purchase.



Our truffles are harvested using the olfactory expertise of a well-trained dog. A good handler and dog team are a joy to watch. The dog marks the soil to indicate where perfectly ripe truffle is situated and the truffle is then carefully removed using a small trowel and taken back to the processing area for cleaning and grading.


Truffles are classified according to aroma, size, texture and wholeness.


Each truffle is weighed on a precision scale, vacuum packed with a moisture absorbent pad and placed with cold packs in a sealed insulated box for transport to the purchaser.

Cold Chain Integrity

The integrity of the cold chain is a critical aspect of the shipping process. Upon receiving a truffle order, the purchaser should place the truffle in a refrigerator and use  within 14 days to capitalise on the freshness and quality of this gourmet product.


Truffle are best stored refrigerated (at 2 - 4 °C) wrapped in paper towel in a lidded glass container. The paper towel should be changed daily.

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